Software Testing/QA Fundamentals

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Software Testing/QA Fundamentals

Name Duration Files
Introduction to Software Development Life Cycle 17:31
SDLC part 02 9:03
SDLC part 03 6:59


What is Software Testing? 9:04
Different types of testing 9:45
Different types of testing part 02 10:10
Different types of testing part 03 9:45

Mid Level

Test Plan and Test Cases 9:43
Test Plan and Test Cases part 02 10:34


Test Plan and Test Cases part 03 7:33
How to write quality test cases 10:06
How to write quality test cases part 02 9:37
Link to script and files 0:11

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Course Description:

(All Intro and Basic section video links are accessible and free to everyone. Mid-level and advanced topics are available to premium users only)

Quality Assurance is a must need in today’s era of technology. Meeting the expected quality of an application has become an essential factor for organizations. This is where software development and software testing concepts come into play. Organizations need to follow certain quality assurance standards in order to survive in the market competition. It is must required to understand software development life cycle before executing software testing concepts. We often ignore software testing fundamentals and manual testing concepts which is hugely harmful. IT professionals can never reach the expected level of success without a strong foundation in software development and software testing concepts. Also, it has not been easy to find project oriented and real-time training in software testing fundamentals. However, we all need to learn the basics of quality assurance and testing before jumping into any sort of automation. In this course, we took a hands-on and step by step approach to make it easier for IT professionals to master software testing core concepts. This course includes basic and advanced QA training videos with practical examples of different aspects of testing including software development life cycle (SDLC), overview of specific roles and real-time work environment for a software tester, different types of testing, creating comprehensive test plans, and test cases.

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