Performance Testing with LoadRunner

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Performance Testing with LoadRunner

Name Duration Files
Performance testing part 01 10:00
Performance testing part 02 10:00
Performance testing part 03 10:00
Performance testing part 04 3:39
Performance testing part 05 10:00
Performance testing part 06 10:00
Performance testing part 07 8:27
Performance testing part 08 10:00
Performance testing part 09 9:53
Performance testing part 10 10:00
Performance testing part 11 6:58
Performance testing part 12 10:00
Performance testing part 13 10:01


Finalizing LoadRunner installation 15:26
LoadRunner components and terminology 17:15
Getting started with LoadRunner 1:08:39

Mid Level

Looking at results and troubleshooting errors 24:34
Session IDs 27:44


Vuser script for load testing 57:31
Preparing load test 53:05
Running load test 40:52
Analyzing scenarios 1:14:45
Summary 24:05

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Course Description:

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Performance is a very critical and important factor in modern IT world. It is must required to maintain a satisfactory performance level for desktop and web-based applications. Poor performance can cause huge damage for organizations. In today’s world, organizations take performance matters very seriously and it is essential to monitor application’s performance on a regular basis. This is where performance testing comes into play and HP’s LoadRunner is one of the most popular performance testing tools in the current market. LoadRunner has been a leader in this industry for over six years now and it provides a comprehensive solution for all our performance testing. It provides a very easy to use user interface for creating, running and monitoring our performance scripts. LoadRunner also provides a detailed result viewer and it supports C programming for customization of scripts. QAEversity provides a total performance testing training solution that follows a hands-on approach. Our performance experts discuss real-time scenarios to deliver an effective LoadRunner training solution. This course is focused on delivering a step-by-step based and detail-oriented LoadRunner training online that includes all aspects including performance testing concepts, LoadRunner installation, components, terminology, creating and running LoadRunner scripts, VUser generator, and analyzing results.

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