Automation Using Selenium (Selenium Training Videos)

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Automation Using Selenium (Selenium Training Videos)

Name Duration Files
Introduction to automation 5:08
Installing Eclipse 10:28
Selenium IDE part 01 10:57
Selenium IDE part 02 10:00
Introduction to Selenium 2:55
Writing first line of code 11:18
Eclipse configuration part 01 4:18
Eclipse configuration part 02 10:13


Selenium webdriver code part 01 10:16
Selenium webdriver code part 02 07:10
Selenium webdriver code part 03 9:33
Selenium webdriver code part 04 10:16
Selenium webdriver code part 05 (Firefox) 10:00
Selenium webdriver code part 06 (Firebug) 8:25
Selenium webdriver code part 07 11:09
Selenium webdriver code part 08 9:23
Selenium webdriver code part 09 5:50
Selenium webdriver code part 10 (Verify Results) 9:08
Selenium webdriver code part 11 (Compare Results) 10:07
Selenium webdriver code part 12 (Compare Results) 19:42
Selenium webdriver code part 13 (Firefox and Internet Explorer) 6:41
Finalizing webdriver script 8:49

Mid Level

Selenium datadriven framework part 01 9:41
Selenium datadriven framework part 02 7:41
Selenium datadriven framework part 03 9:46
Read Excel Sheet 11:29
Selenium datadriven framework part 05 28:45
Selenium datadriven framework part 06 14:03
Selenium datadriven framework part 07 20:07


Facebook datadriven framework 40:23
Facebook datadriven framework part 02 19:50
Facebook datadriven framework part 03 48:25
Facebook datadriven framework part 04 31:15
Facebook datadriven framework part 05 6:48
Link to scripts and files 0:11

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Course Description:

(All Intro and Basic section video links are accessible and free to everyone. Mid-level and advanced topics are available to premium users only)

Selenium created a new revolution in the automation testing industry. Selenium is open source, free of cost. It is a very powerful tool for automating our web based applications. Selenium supports Java, Ruby and few other languages but Java is most commonly used in Selenium. Selenium provides full-control over automation testing using powerful frameworks including Selenium WebDriver/Junit. Another good thing about this tools is that it can run against multiple browsers. It supports multiple browsers including IE,Firefox,Google Chrome, Safari and few more. Nowadays, many companies are migrating to Selenium and cutting down cost of automation testing. Selenium is becoming very popular for its diverse capabilities and cost-free approach. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find expertise in Selenium and Java/Ruby. Many companies are interested to adopt Selenium as their regression testing solution but do not have the required expertise. It is also difficult to find a comprehensive training solution for basic and advanced selenium training since there is no support available from the vendor. In this course, we take a step by step approach for discussing all the basic and advanced level concepts of Selenium so that anyone can master it. Our set of basic and advanced selenium training videos are focused on delivering a quality solution so that people from all over the world can share a platform to learn Selenium. This course includes, Eclipse installation and configuration, Selenium IDE, Java code basics, Selenium WebDriver/JUnit, firebug/firepath, read excel sheets, data driven framework using webdriver and much more.

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