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We need to admit the fact that it has been very difficult to learn the basics and advanced level concepts of software testing. Finally, there is a one-stop platform for learning all the latest quality assurance technologies. All the intro and basic level videos of each course are free for everyone. You don't need to register or log-in to view those tutorials. So feel free to browse, and learn at your own pace. Become a premium member to access our entire library. Don't pay huge and individual fees anymore to learn different technologies of QA testing. With a minimum registration fee and a flat rate of $25/month, you get access to all the current and upcoming courses. There's no wait time, you get instant access to advanced videos once you signup as a premium member. Also, we add new courses every month, and guess what? You will get access to our upcoming courses without any additional fees. By the way, unlike other training schools, you can cancel your premium membership anytime. There's no yearly contracts or obligations. Learn a new technology or brush up your existing skills. Yes, we are committed to keep you updated with the latest QA tools in the market.

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